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From stunning Moments of Truth to amazing journeys, the focus on the complete customer experience is critical. Touch points are important.

One stunning moment followed one not so great is not a fun journey for a customer.  Understanding the complete journey and making each touch point play nice with all the others is a key lever to improving the customer experience.

Here are some articles making this point:

Don’t Miss the Customer Journey by Just Focusing on Individual Touchpoints. (But Focus on Your Touchpoints, Too)  Strolling through the ever-expanding body of published work on customer experience, there are a few articles that appear to be making a case for not measuring customer touch points. If you’ve seen these too, don’t be misled.

From moments to journeys: A paradigm shift in customer experience excellence McKinsey looks at why are so many companies falling short of their goals of delivering an exceptional customer experience? The answer lies in the fact that most do not understand their customers’ journeys. At any given time, senior leaders across industries grapple with a fundamental conundrum: Why, they wonder, is overall customer loyalty and engagement so slow to improve when most areas of the business report healthy customer feedback after each customer interaction?

Here are the key ideas:

  • Focus on the whole journey not a single step
  • Understand that individual touch points and moments of truth are important to the overall journey
  • Create goals for the journey that make a difference


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