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Consumers are flocking to our E-Commerce sites and buying. The challenge is that the customer experience is not static. Others are raising the bar on what that experience feels like. How am I stacking up is relevant.

Customers have goals in mind, problems they want to solve and feelings about how well we do that. Am I just focused on the transaction? Now might be the time to see how customers feel about how well we are solving their problems. The latest technology may be enticing but not if it doesn’t help the customer.

It’s unquestionable that e-commerce is big business. In 2015, e-commerce sales reached $341.7 billion, a 14.6 percent increase from 2014, reports the Census Bureau of the Department of Commerce. But as more people shop online, the customer experience bar continues to rise.

To continue driving sales, retailers must align shopping tools and experiences with their customers’ needs. Here, we look at sales tools that are poised to transform the retail landscape.

Source: E-commerce Sales Tools that Are Shaking Up Business | 1to1 Media