The definition of the problem will be the focal point of all your problem-solving efforts. As such, it makes sense to devote as much attention and dedication to problem definition as possible.

What usually happens is that as soon as we have a problem to work on we’re so eager to get to solutions that we neglect spending any time refining our understanding of it.

Here are some ideas to consider:

  1. Rephrase the Problem
  2. Expose and Challenge Assumptions
  3. Chunk the problem up
  4. Chunk the problem down
  5. Find multiple perspectives
  6. Use effective language constructs
  7. Make it engaging
  8. Reverse the problem
  9. Gather facts
  10. Problem-solve your problem statement


via Einstein’s Secret to Amazing Problem Solving (and 10 Specific Ways You Can Use It) – Litemind.

Albert Einstein

Albert Einstein