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As you would expect, Google has done some amazing research on the connected consumer experience. It is worth it to take some time to read their work that they have labeled under ZMOT (Zero Moment of Truth). They have a handbook and eBook you can download as well.

Is the multi-channel approach obvious in the experiences and journeys we are investing in? Simply stated: are we showing up in the right places with the best designed experience to create an enjoyable, simple and relevant experience for the donor as possible?

Source: ZMOT handbook

A couple of observations:

  1. Every nonprofit donor is unique. With millions of nonprofits to choose from, will they choose you?
  2. It’s never been easier to stop buying. With so many choices, why not pick one that gives you a great experience and connection with their mission?
  3. Transaction (online) abandonment has never been easier. Do you know what yours is? What would if mean to improve it by 25%?
  4. Direct mail and traditional marketing isn’t enough anymore. We know this. Are we investing as much in online ads as we once were in direct mail?
  5. Cross channel engagement is snowballing. Are we balanced in our investments in offline, online, call center, social, and mobile?