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The CEO has to lead the way on this. The CEO has to build the culture. Silos always exist. There has to be a relentless focus on unifying. Leadership is critical. Otherwise, it isn’t transformation.

According to a new report, 43 per cent of companies feel their digital transformation efforts are being hampered by competing departments wanting to ‘own digital.’

The ‘Leading Digital Business Transformation’ study conducted by Forrester Consulting – on behalf of SugarCRM and Squiz – analysed how organisations with a mature digital strategy define and manage their “digital business transformation.”

The report found that 94 per cent of digitally mature businesses plan to transform systems and processes in order to address the threat of digital disruption, with respondents believing that CEOs should be the ones driving new initiatives forward by setting the overall vision (41 per cent) and supporting the digital strategy (59 per cent).

Source: Competing departments are holding back digital transformation | ITProPortal.com