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I am an advocate for transformation. I am also an advocate for speed.

There is work to be done that can’t wait for the culture to change.

What about that website that isn’t mobile friendly and sucks from a customer experience point of view? Should that really wait? NO. It shouldn’t.

And there are a 100 more things like that we some urgency around to change. They need to change now. They need to change fast. We need to urgent and agile.

We know those will be consistent with transformation change. Move ahead and move on in peace.

It needs to change now. We need agile transformation.

So … it isn’t either / or. It is yes / and.

In the world of business technology, speed is huge. Executing is huge. Results reign supreme. Experiments are the norm. We ought to obsess about the customer and sweat the details about executing what helps them.

We should keep moving and never stop thinking of what the customer experience is like. No stone should be left unturned in our pursuit of amazing customer service. It is in fact the small courtesies that great an emotional connection to our products and services. Is every contact with us memorable? Did we add value?

Are we doing it? Are we getting it done today?

We have a strategic plan. It’s called ‘doing things.” —Herb Kelleher, Southwest Airlines CEO and Founder

I don’t think I would advocate not having a strategic plan but they probably could be simpler than we make most of them. Regardless of what you call it, the focus should be on getting the right things done fast. The focus should be execution.