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This is a very interesting suggestion that the CFO owns enterprise analytics and data. My sense, while it is well meaning, is that it is misplaced. Many will argue their function should own it. This article eventually argues it should be the CIO.

My suggestion?

How about the CEO?

Who else owns “the enterprise”?

My thought is that this is too important to delegate to a department and have one more siloed activity. Only the CEO can get everyone pulling in the same direction. Only the CEO can provide the leadership that is needed so desperately.

In talking with CIOs about both enterprise analytics and data, they are clear that they do not want to become their company’s data steward. They insist instead that they want to be an enabler of the analytics and data function. So what business function then should own enterprise analytics and data? Last week an interesting answer came from a CFO Magazine Article by Frank Friedman. Frank contends that CFOs are “the logical choice to own analytics and put them to work to serve the organization’s needs”.

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