Are we our own worst enemy? As we build a digital business, what is a very important people issue not to ignore? Accountability.

We must build accountability into how we and our teams function. Accountability starts with ourselves as leaders. Are we holding ourselves accountable? Once we are there, we can focus on our team.Accountable - 01

As leaders, we get the behavior we tolerate. When it comes to holding people accountable, we are often our own worst enemy. Instead of practicing accountability, we practice avoidance. That was certainly the case with me. Along the way, I learned 3 valuable lessons:

1.  Clear expectations must be established.

2.  Bad news does not improve with age.

3.  It’s not personal.

I learned these lessons the hard way. I figured there’s got to be a better way to build and sustain a culture where accountability is part of the DNA of high-perform­ing organizations.

via Lack of Accountability: The Enemy Within.