The challenge is that donors don’t always  give year after year. Donor Retention

Donors staying loyal is the exception, not the rule. According to Chuck Longfield, ten years ago the average retention rates of a newly acquired donor were roughly 33%.  Today it’s 27%.

What can we do about this? Make a donor retention calendar to keep your donors loyal!

OK, so donor retention isn’t part of your job description. Your boss probably doesn’t religiously count how many donors were retained and how many were lost every year. You just have to get money in, by any means necessary. Meanwhile, that grant needs to get written, that trade show with potential sponsors is next week and you’ve got to craft your pitch, and your big event is coming up in two months and there’s still so much to do!

There’s so much on your plate! How can you keep your head above water?

“Remember, good customer service is often just deciding what you’re going to be bad at, so that you can focus on the things that matter.” – Uncommon Service, by Frei & Morriss

Here are 4 Steps to help you focus on the things that matter: via Making Your First Donor Retention Calendar, Step by Step | npENGAGE.