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Social MediaWe all know that the social media scene is shifting fast.

What we may think is a trend may have already become a digital business reality for enough of our customers that we need to have them in our current mix of initiatives.

The biggest shift is that it is all about the customer. They decide what is important not us. It requires an obsession with the experience they are having in our digital business.

Social media has introduced a completely different way of interacting with both people and organizations. From a little-known channel just a few years back, social has grown to become an important tool in brands’ marketing and service arsenal and investment in social channels have quickly become a necessity for those companies that want to succeed. Source: 6 Social Media Shifts to Prepare for


Here are some to have in your mix:

  1. A picture perfect medium
  2. You snooze, you lose
  3. Quality over quantity
  4. Bring social to your property
  5. It is all about collaboration
  6. A customer-owned experience