Cyber Security

Cyber Security

Retail operations have very effective security. We should look at their approaches and design computer security in a similar fashion.

Computer systems, corporate and government, will continue to be breached at an alarming rate, which is of course much higher than is publicly disclosed. More money will be spent and people hired. More standards will be set, regulations promulgated and enforced. As should be obvious by now, most of the money will be wasted, most of the people will accomplish nothing, and the regulations will increase costs while making things worse. Unless something changes.

The problem of cybersecurity can be solved. But it can only be solved if: we acknowledge we’re at war and act accordingly; we apply within the guts of our systems common-sense methods whose principles are clear, obvious and proven in other domains; and we start acting as though we actually want to solve the problem, as opposed to the current strategy of denial, cover-up and blame-shifting.

Source: Fix Computer Security by Acting like Macy’s