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Transform the health care experience

Transform the health care experience

What if your goal (strategy) is to revolutionize the health care experience? I think most of us would agree there is a lot of room for improvement.

This is not so much about technology (although technology is a big part of it) as it is all the processes that make up the experience. I would think the process would come first before any technology is enabled.

To fundamentally transform healthcare, it is critical for payers and healthcare providers to embrace technology and redesign processes. “To succeed and differentiate in the healthcare market of the future, stakeholders must leverage technology,” stresses Pat McCaffrey, TeleTech’s senior vice president for health care and public sector. This includes using cutting-edge technology to build multichannel communication strategies that are customized to members and patients. “Those stakeholders who are successful in this regard will command mindshare with their member and patient population and build lasting ties with them,” McCaffrey says.

via The Healthcare Experience Revolution.