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With this wealth of online information at their disposal, buyers have the opportunity to research vendors and solutions long before ever talking to sales.

“Today’s modern and tech-savvy customers are likely to have conducted major research on specific products and services before even once speaking with a sales rep,” says Jamie Anderson, senior vice president, marketing, customer engagement, and commerce solutions at SAP.

“In order to deliver the ‘tell me, don’t sell me’ approach buyers prefer, sales professionals must create unique and personalized interactions that keep customers focused and engaged throughout the entire sales process.”

Therefore, despite the suppliers’ potential unwillingness to change, salespeople must evolve into trusted advisors if they wish to remain relevant and valuable to prospects and customers.

Personalization allows vendors to demonstrate their understanding of customer needs, transparency facilitates strong partnerships, and seamless service enhances experience, ultimately laying the foundation for long-term trust.

And, trust is the key if you really want me to buy from you.

via Market Pulse | Sales Still Out of Step with the Buyer’s Journey.

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