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I need to start by acknowledging that my business is being disrupted. I can’t ignore it. Am I in denial? Do others in my company see what is going on? Have I asked them lately?

My leadership team should begin by documenting how disruption is already happening. What is my burning platform? Do I need to change our culture in small or big ways?

I should start conversations by encouraging honesty about our situation. I should look and see what is really going on with my customers. How are they different this year from last year? How is that important to my future business? What did some of my customers move onto from my product or service?

I need to take some time to get clear about where I think we should head. That time and that clarity will make a difference. If I don’t do it, who else will?

I need to involve everyone on my senior team in contributing to the effort. I need to break down the silos. I must accept that responsibility.


“Over the last 20 years, I’ve studied disruptive technology on business and society. There’s a reason why advertising and marketing in general is disrupted. Your customers are more connected than ever before. And as a result, they’re more informed, empowered, demanding and discerning. Their expectations, preferences and even values are shifting. They’re becoming digital narcissists who have far more experience and ingenuity when it comes to using new technology to communicate, discover and share. This consumer shift is outpacing innovation in the marketing industry and business overall.” ~Brian Solis

Source: Digital Darwinism Has Created Digital Narcissists | DigitalNext – AdAge