According to Axios: Walmart has 7,000 Macs in use today, but expects that number to skyrocket next year as it gives workers the option of using an Apple computer or Windows PC.

“This time next year we will probably be managing 100,000 Macs,” Miles Leacy, technical expert for Apple technologies at Walmart, said at a conference hosted by Jamf. “In a few months we are going to announce the choice program for employees.”

What’s happening: Walmart is working on the project with Apple and Jamf, which specializes in managing Apple devices in business. Leacy noted that one reason for the project is the total cost of ownership, saying “it is a lot cheaper than supporting a Windows box — it just makes good business sense.”

Why it matters: While Apple makes most of its money in the consumer business, it has been steadily trying to grow business adoption of Macs, iPhone and iPads. Other big Jamf customers include Lyft (which has 90% of its 1,700 workers on Macs), IBM, GE, SAP, Capital One and Intuit.

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