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Digital Transformation has become a pretty good business buzz word. That’s not all bad but there is some hype that we may need to avoid.

A focus on the customer experience is to be carefully paid attention to as a key competitive differentiator. A continuous and agile customer experience improvement process makes a difference.

Becoming more of a digital business is certainly not all about the technology although there is a tendency to buy into that myth. There is much hype around tech success stories like Amazon, Airbnb or Uber. While they are very disruptive, it doesn’t mean you will be disrupted by them.

They certainly get a lot of media attention and that can create more hype. They are examples of how to be a pure digital business but you may never be and that is okay.

There are businesses in every industry that are making significant and speedy progress at being more of a digital business. They may be competitors and you may be unaware of their foundational investments that will pay off for them soon. Yes, newcomers can be disruptive but those others that are evolving fast may have the financial resources to win the day.

I guess the word to the wise is to “look in both directions” so as to not get run over.

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