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Whose job is cyber security at your job or at home? No matter where we are these days, no matter what is going on, we are using digital technologies non stop. A plummer came out to fix a faucet for me the other day. He was managing everything, start to finish, on his i-Pad mini.

His schedule came to him that way. His inventory was updated on his truck. His time was captured. His quote for the job came that way. He took my credit card info, completed the transaction and sent me an invoice/receipt to my email.

So …

That is normal now.

What is our role in all of this when it comes to cyber security? We all have one and we should be active in it.

Here are some questions to think about.

  • In sales, can you reassure customers of an organization’s security posture?
  • In corporate communications, what is your assessment in the context of business reputation and brand trust?
  • Does the legal team should ensure that the right security clauses are built into supplier and customer contracts?
  • Is HR and/or security, know what’s needed for better security awareness and training?
  • Do product managers should advise on good security features?
  • In engineering development, have you developed proper secure code?
  • Are security professionals performing reviews and quality assurance tests for functional and security verification?
  • Has corporate management ensured that a good security incident response plan is in place to address any vulnerabilities?