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If you are interested in moving the conversation (and action) ahead at your company on Customer Experience, here is some great news from the Temkin Group. They are Introducing CX Sparks: Customer Experience Discussion Guides – Customer Experience Matters®

“We’ve heard from many of our readers that they often use our blog content, especially our videos, as part of their team meetings. They find that the information we share can initiate powerful discussions.

CX Sparks: Guides For Stimulating Customer Experience Discussions

“We decided to more actively support this usage with a new offering, CX Sparks. These are free guides that we’ve created to help you drive stimulating discussions. These can be useful for:

  • Your team meetings
  • Executive team meetings
  • CX ambassador meetings
  • Offsite events and workshops

“We’ll be adding new CX Sparks over time, but here’s our initial list of discussion guides:

  • What is Customer Experience?
  • Building a Strong Voice of the Customer Program
  • Power of Customer Journey Thinking
  • Start Talking About Emotions
  • Emotion: The Missing Link In Customer Experience
  • Customer-Centric Culture Change
  • Driving CX Transformation, Made Simple
  • Purposeful Leadership (CX Competency)
  • Customer Connectedness (CX Competency)
  • Employee Engagement (CX Competency)
  • Compelling Brand Values (CX Competency)
  • Improving Humanity
  • Five Ways That Organizations Crush Customer Empathy

“The bottom line: We hope that these guides spark productive CX conversations!”

Source: Introducing CX Sparks: Customer Experience Discussion Guides – Customer Experience Matters®