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Project management is very important. I can get consumed by it all. So many details, so little time.

Let’s get going on our scrum. Agile is the big thing. I must be agile.

But beyond budgets, milestones, scope documents and all the PM process I get overwhelmed with, there are some important issues for me to think about.

I need to think differently. Here are 2 project questions to start with.

  1. How will this project enhance the Customer Experience in a way that’s so ‘dramatically different’ that we capture new customers and retain old customers and grow our share of the business with them?
  2. And, will it markedly boost the ‘top line’? What will the impact on our mission look like?

How can I do what has never been done before I think? I can.

I need to think differently. That will lead me to act differently.

Consider this from 1923.

“There is no likelihood man can ever tap the power of the atom.” ~~Robert Milikan, Nobel Prize in physics, 1923