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Jim Cramer hears from Salesforce.com founder, Chairman and CEO Marc Benioff about the company’s acquisition of MuleSoft and how Salesforce is wrangling the ever-changing enterprise software space.

Digital Transformation as CEOs’ primary goal. President Keith Block was emphatic throughout the discussion with analysts that this is the absolute top priority for CEOs—and Block did his best to make the case that Salesforce is uniquely positioned to turn that objective into a reality.

“When you think about the compelling reasons why businesses are undertaking these transactions and establishing these relationships, at the top of the list is that the CEOs of these companies are very forward-thinking and they want to bring their companies into this age of digital transformation because they have an imperative for growth. And these CEOs believe strongly that we’re the only technology platform out there that can enable that.”

On last week’s earnings call—during which Salesforce announced that it beat earnings forecasts by 2 cents a share, and beat revenue estimates by $40 million—while Benioff did not specifically enumerate these four engines of growth, he came back to each of these themes multiple times during the call:

  1. Vertical Industries: from public sector to retail to the new “Wealth Cloud” for wealth-management services, Benioff hammered home the power of applications and sales teams brimming with domain expertise.
  2. Expanded Suite of Apps: Benioff said its becoming increasingly common for customers across a wide range of industries to start with Sales Cloud and then expand deeply across Service, Marketing, and more.
  3. CEOs’ focus on Digital Transformation: While every enterprise-tech company is fixated on this phenomenon, Benioff believes Salesforce’s obsession with customer success and customer value gives it a huge advantage over its competitors.
  4. Artificial Intelligence via Einstein: Benioff unconditionally called it “the next platform” and said it has made him “a better CEO.”