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The customer experience

There is a whole discipline around customer experience management. Ton’s has been written about it. Digital technology supports it.

Can the experience be managed?

Probably not. The experience is the perception of the customer. A lot goes into the perception they have.

What we do then?

We and should create the conditions for fantastic customer experiences:

  • The quality of your customer service
  • The response speed of your contact center representatives
  • The content you create
  • The quality of the various inbound and outbound interactions (not in a marketing context but a general context of inbound and outbound communications)
  • The brand narrative
  • The touchpoints where different interactions occur
  • The overall “ambience” of physical experiences, deep insight into what customers want

The list goes on and will grow. There is much to be paid attention to. We need priorities focused on the biggest customer pain points that trip up completing the goal the customer has in mind.