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Let’s first summarize some of the reasons customer experience does matter (a lot) again as the video sums them.

In a video the well-known customer experience thought and practice leaders of Temkin Group summarize the challenges at hand and look at customer experience transformation.

Bruce Temkin has been advocating them since the days he was still at Forrester Research, over a decade ago.

Customer experience – among others – matters because:

  • It is key in customer retention: having your customers stick around and be repeat buyers.
  • It drives customer loyalty, even if loyalty is harder to achieve than ever. More importantly maybe: it drives to recommendations and referrals or good old word-of-mouth.
  • It is an end-to-end and continuous process that is for the long run and drives the future of your business (so it’s not just an ad hoc or service improvement thing).

Sometimes what is overlooked is the “it is a continuous process” part of this. If you are going to be serious about the customer experience and making it better, please don’t treat it as a fad. It is not the C-Suite fad of the month or quarter.

It is “a game changer”, but not if we don’t commit to it for the long haul, there really is no point to it. A customer experience continuous improvement process will bring more revenue to the top line. It will increase shareholder value. It will make a huge difference.

Don’t believe so? How about this. Call 10 random customers and ask them about their experiences lately. Then do that again next week and the week after. A real picture will emerge.

Are you too busy to improve?