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Project Management

I am a big fan of the work that Constellation Research does. We have lots of lists that writers develop of things “to do”. Richie Etwaru a Constellation Orbit author and Group Vice President, Clouding and Digital Innovation at Cegedim Relationship Management  has developed a list of things CIO’s shouldn’t do.

The list is from over two decades of his observations in first, second and third person. Before publishing he asked over 50 Fortune 1000 CIOs and CTOs to review and comment; their feedback is included.

At the core of everything below is going against the grain and the herd, and embracing counter intuition. Whether you embrace counter intuition systematically, or selectively, most of the items below are suggesting in their cognitive DNA counter-intuitive thinking. 

via 10 Things Most Exceptional CIOs Never Do | Constellation Research Inc..

The list below is from over two decades of observations from Rithie. At the core of everything below is going against the grain and the herd, and embracing counter intuition. Some of these make sense. Some I admit I need to think about more. Challenging the status quo is a good thing.

  1. They do not try to define innovation.
  2. They never have secret projects.
  3. They are never surprised by failure.
  4. They never start projects themselves.
  5. They resist the need for PMO.
  6. They do not break projects into phases.
  7. They never worry about a target state.
  8. They do not try to build hero products.
  9. They never wait on innovation.
  10. They do not read leadership books.