Has this happened to you?

I called a company I do business with a lot. I was calling from my cell phone. I knew it would be about a 30 minute conversation. My fear was that the call would drop. At the start of the call, the representative took my phone number so I thought, OK, I’ll be fine if the call drops. They can call me back.

So, sure enough, the call dropped after about 20 minutes and I had given them lots of information. I waited for the representative to call me back. Nothing.

I call back and get a different representative and have to start all over again. Really? You know it is true because I am sure it has happened to you.

This doesn’t seem to difficult to enable. Seems like something you would empower your representatives to do. Unfortunately, I’ve never seen it done.

Should be a basic of a better experience at a call center. How is yours doing? If you don’t know, call it and see.

You can be a customer. You can test the experience you have with your company.