Customer Expectations

Customer Expectations

Customer expectations have changed. We want and expect that you know us, you remember us and you will serve us now.

If you don’t, we have choices. We can and will go somewhere else.

It is urgent that we assess our systems to assure our customers and potential customers have the highest level of service.

  • How fast can we answer their questions regardless of the channel they are using?
  • When we answer, do we know the other interactions they have had with us so we don’t ask the same questions over and over?

As digital executives, the tools clearly exist. We must show leadership and commit resources to make it happen.

In a time where every activity and communication has the potential to be instantaneous, today’s consumers lack the patience once required before email and social media ever existed. Instead, they expect their favorite brands to respond to questions and complaints quickly and conscientiously, rectifying whatever issues may be plaguing them in that moment.

However, the very channels that have altered consumer demand offer brands an equal advantage, as they can tap into customer insights and sentiment with ease and purpose. Such real-time data allows companies to assess consumer preferences and dispense content and service in line with customer expectations.

via Strategy | Creating Real-Time Marketing that Customers Crave.