Here is a set of “Creative leadership” quotes in Digital Master.

1 Creative leadership can be described as “Adaptability meets Agility” and “Innovation meets Principles.”

2 Creative leadership is the ability to inspire, to create, and to maintain the social and psychological conditions and the environment in which people are able to reach their highest potential.

3 Creative leadership is being flexible enough to adapt to the situation and the players involved. It means doing unexpected, unconventional things to lead effectively.

4 Creative Leadership is great when you think, act and enable others with a creative spirit that drives positive changes.

5 What we deem as “creativity” in leadership, is at times down to cultural difference in traditions, practices, and perceptions of organizational productivity and community norms.

6 Creative Leadership show the following ‘dispositions such as: visionary, faces reality, adaptable, persevering, competent, ethical, courageous, curious. 

7 A creative leader is open minded, collects thoughts and ideas, seeks new experiences, plays, challenges, surrounds interesting people, things, environment, and enjoys solitude. 

8 Creative leadership combines restless dissatisfaction with the current state coupled with the excitement of leading individuals or groups to find solutions that will produce results no one thought possible. 

9 Creative leadership is essentially anchored on the leader’s overall multifaceted resourcefulness, to formulate creative (unconventional) alternatives or solutions to resolve problems, to show versatility and flexibility in response to unpredictable or unanticipated circumstances.

Source: The Best “Creative leadership” Quotes of “Digital Master” Aug. 2019 ~ Future of CIO