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Here is some great insight from Lolly Daskal on the value of pressure.

All leaders feel pressure. You may experience it by just showing up at work, by sitting in a million meetings a day, by feeling that you’re constantly in problem-solving mode, by juggling the day-to-day demands of management. There is always something to fret or worry about, always something that is urgent. Unmanaged, pressure can leave you feeling ready to burst.

As an executive coach who works with prominent leaders in their respective industries, I see the pressure many people constantly live under—as well as its consequences. A few years ago, when one of my clients told me how the constant anxiety of his job was truly getting the best of him, I made a simple suggestion: if you cannot change the situation you must change your mindset about the situation.

Instead of looking at everything as a problem, I told him, look at situations as opportunities. Instead of taking everything so seriously, look for situations you can have some fun with. This mindset shift was a game changer for him.

When you cultivate the ability to downplay pressure, you reap significant benefits:

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