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This is something always stunning about simplicity. I don’t think this too simple but it seems to be pretty basic.

During these crisis times companies are thinking the unthinkable. They are scrabbling to fix problems they have never faced before, applying ideas they only just dreamt up.. then executing at speed, and often at scale. They need touch-less tech solutions, brand logo’d face masks, perspex sheet protective screens, eCommerce friendly product packaging, unusual business insurance cover, video backgrounds for homeworkers, more air freight capacity…  the list goes on and on.  Some are accelerating R&D to bring whole new product categories to market faster. So if you are in a B2B business here is something I can be fairly confident of:

Customers you have never met, from places you have never heard of, are wondering if you can supply what they need.

But what happens when their frenzied online searches chance upon your corporate website?  Too often, the sad truth is, they click a few times, give up and move on.  

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