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Fortium Partners, in response to and in anticipation of our clients’ needs in a world where the customer experience has become a critical business function, has developed a comprehensive Customer Experience Assessment and Roadmap program available immediately to Fortium clients.


The changing nature of relationship management

Unified Customer Experience

Unified Customer Experience

Traditionally, the fundamental focus of the Enterprise has been to market, sell and service customers. This is traditionally known as CRM.  Over the last 10 to 15 years, managing relations via marketing, sales and customer service functions has become an important new source of value, and is increasing the “top line” at an appreciable rate in almost every industry. Frequently it is perceived as a technology. First and foremost, it is a strategy.

Today, customer expectations are more important than ever before. Customers are in charge of the “buying” process. Not providing a great customer experience has significant risks associated with it.

The expanding responsibilities of customer relationships and customer service on the customer experience

The marketing, sales and customer service departments/functions possess traditional mechanisms for acquiring customers, building relationships, and providing service. Most of this is transaction oriented.

Where is the strategy, people, processes and technology-maturity mechanisms for our increasingly valuable connected customers?  The Fortium customer experience assessment, strategy and roadmap development process seeks to help answer these and other important questions.

Today’s Enterprises exist in a world constantly susceptible to customers becoming “unengaged” and abandoning the company as an active customer. The digital and connected customer group is growing and expanding at an alarming rate:

  • The average customer experience today is “below average” and customers are taking advantage of choices.
  • Employees feel incapable and unsupported in providing amazing service.  Employees want to do the “right thing” for the customer but are handcuffed by outdated and very controlling policies and procedures.
  • Customers are increasingly digital in their approach and systems that are usable are lagging behind in capabilities to deliver a great experience.
  • Processes are old, outdated, inflexible and perhaps even worse of all, non-existent. The inconsistent approach to service is creating massive challenges.

The need for a different approach



For these reasons and more, Fortium’s approach considers more sophisticated, mature and responsive methodologies  for addressing this challenging customer environment.

The Fortium model is a comprehensive and, maybe even more importantly, is a sustainable customer experience program for organizations seeking to acquire more customers, build relationships, renew customers, take advantage of opportunities as they emerge, and sustain a responsive framework for this rapidly-evolving area to “manage down” the uncertainty level. We help you discover where you are today, plan for where you want to go in the future, create real action that produces results and optimize your initiatives for continuous improvement.

Transformation Approach

Transformation Approach

So what about transformation initiatives? They seem so hard and fail so often. They don’t have to. In this day and age, just improving may get you out of business.

Rapid, transformative results are possible. Fortium’s approach to discover where you are today, plan for where you want to go in the future, create real action that produces results and optimize your initiatives for continuous improvement works. It does take discipline that Fortium can help you discover.

Why a Fortium CRM assessment and roadmap

Fortium Partners is focused on providing executive-level guidance to companies with an immediate need for a sustainable transformation approach. Fortium supports the need to improve the customer experience, marketing, sales, service and relationships in general. Fortium’s Partners have served as Chief Customer Officers, CMO’s, CIOs and/or CTOs of significant, recognizable companies and each possess 25+ years of experience helping CEOs, Boards, and Investors lead substantial initiatives and solve complex customer problems.

Our collective customer experience management has its roots in our work at some of the world’s most challenging real-world environments, including nonprofit organizations, Financial Services, Airlines, Health Care, and Retail.

To learn more about Fortium’s Customer Experience assessment process, please complete the information below.

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