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Fortium Partners, in response to and in anticipation of our clients’ needs in a world where cyber-terrorism has become a daily reality, has developed a comprehensive Perpetual Security Program (PSPTM,) available immediately to Fortium clients.

“As the world is increasingly interconnected, everyone shares the responsibility of securing cyberspace.”  ― Newton Lee, Counterterrorism and Cybersecurity: Total Information Awareness

The changing nature of “assets”

PSP-01Traditionally, the fundamental focus of the Enterprise has been to preserve and expand its value through “classic Assets” as reflected on the Balance Sheet. More recently, Information Assets have become an important new source of value, and are increasing at an appreciable rate in almost every industry.

Today, these Information Assets are at risk as never before.

The expanding responsibilities of the Board of Directors

The Board of Directors possesses well-developed mechanisms for governance, audit and compliance geared toward the oversight of Classic Assets. Where are the protective, risk-reducing and oversight-managing mechanisms for our increasingly valuable Information Assets?  The Fortium PSP seeks to help answer these and other important questions.

Today’s Enterprises exist in a world constantly susceptible to cyber-terrorism. The threat is growing and expanding at an alarming rate:

  • New threat sources are emerging as nation-states and other more sophisticated actors become real and present risk vectors
  • The pace of regulation and compliance requirements continues to accelerate
  • Boards feel themselves outstripped by the needs, the risks, and the gaps in the top-level expertise available to address the issues
  • New technologies in the areas of mobile devices, cloud services, big data, and smart devices continue to expand the proliferation of un-secured entry points

The need for a different approach



For these reasons and more, Fortium’s PSP considers more sophisticated and responsive methodologies and architectures for addressing this challenging environment. The Fortium PSP is a comprehensive and, maybe even more importantly,  sustainable cyber security program for organizations seeking to reduce their risk exposure, provide available protections as they emerge, and sustain a responsive framework for this rapidly-evolving area to “manage down” the uncertainty level.

Unlike other security options available, PSP is not a single-point solution, it is not a specific technology, it is not a means of gaining simple compliance, nor is it an audit or “pen-test” concept based on past methods to address a “now-and-future” problem set. It is a far-reaching risk-abating program which reaches across the Enterprise to find and erode risk wherever it may reside. We help you discover where you are today, plan for where you want to go in the future, create real action that produces results and optimize your initiatives for continuous improvement.

Transformation Approach

Transformation Approach

So what about transformation initiatives? They seem so hard and fail so often. They don’t have to. In this day and age, just improving may get you out of business. Rapid, transformative results are possible. Fortium’s approach to discover where you are today, plan for where you want to go in the future, create real action that produces results and optimize your initiatives for continuous improvement works. It does take discipline that Fortium can help you discover.

As we enter 2015, we are faced with the known risks already present, but also a new set of variables – among them:

  • SEC will require Cyber Security Report Card starting 2015
  • NACD Cyber Risk Oversight Director’s Handbook 2014
  • Massive, and increasing risk exposure as evidenced by record number and size of breaches in 2014
  • FISMA Audit requires definition of organizational boundaries and associated risk
  • Heightened public perception
  • SSAE16 & SOC 2
  • Presidential Order requiring new NIST standards effective January 2015
    • 22 Domains, 98 Capabilities

PSP-02The Fortium PSP addresses preparedness for these and other factors, based on an “Assess —> Design —> Remediate —> Sustain” model of ongoing, relentless attention to cyber security vulnerability and risk reduction.

The PSP accomplishes the most far-reaching, comprehensive overview of enterprise-wide information technology exposure and risk areas that most of our clients have ever completed. We use comprehensive tools, developed in concert with the latest standards in technology practice including COBIT™, ISO 27000, and practices from ISACA, IIA, and ISC(2) to form the basis of our own custom diagnostic toolset and discovery process.

The result of the base-level PSP is a comprehensive and sustainable process, identifying security/technology-related information risk and rapidly incorporating countermeasures into an overall, managed program architecture.

PSP-03The PSP seeks to encompass a comprehensive scope of security issues faced by every Enterprise today.

In just three weeks, Fortium’s PSP Assessment delivers comprehensive scoring of 45 critical areas of cyber security across the enterprise.

Why a Fortium PSP?

Fortium Partners is focused on providing executive-level guidance to companies with an immediate need for transformation and support to improve technology effectiveness and technology risk management. Fortium’s Partners have served as CIOs and/or CTOs of significant, recognizable companies and each possess 25+ years of experience helping CEOs, Boards, and Investors lead substantial technology initiatives and solve complex problems.

Our collective cyber-security experience has its roots in our work at some of the world’s most challenging real-world security environments, including the Department of Defense, Financial Services, Airlines, Health Care, and Retail.

I would like to learn more about the Fortium Perpetual Security Program. Please contact me.


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