New Book: The Journey to Becoming a Master at Digital Business

Digital Business Ecosystem - 01

This is a book in progress. Here is a rough outline of what it will look like and some draft content.

  1. Building a compelling vision for the digital business journey – Article
  2. Digital business change — How to take a holistic approach – Article
    1. What is the planning framework a digital business should look at? – Article
    2. Digital journey and hyper-connectedness: focus on the edges – Article
    3. What does a digital business and it’s evolution look like for you? – Article
    4. What is digital disruption? – Article
    5. What causes disruption to your evolving digital business? – Article
    6. Disruption is here or at least on the horizon. Will it visit you soon? – Article
    7. Why the holistic picture matters in becoming a digital business? – Article
    8. Are we all speaking the same language when it comes to building a digital business? – Article
  3. Building your digital business while avoiding the “transformation” hype – Article
  4. Where does being a digital business happen? Can I escape it’s path? – Article
  5. What are some of the digital realities that can help you navigate your way without sinking the ship? – Article
    1. Agility – What is the need for speed?
      1. Here’s a way to think of change. Improve or die. – Article
  6. What is the role of the CEO when it comes to building a digital business and the change required to get there? – Article
    1. The role of the CEO and digital change as a journey   – Article
    2. The CEO and the boardroom agenda for the digital business journey – Article
    3. Different digital change challenges for CEOs across different industries
    4. Digital business and the CEO: on leadership and who is in charge – Article
    5. The trust of the CEO in digital change efficiency –- and more CEO and digital business takeaways  – Article
  7. The evolution of digital change of your business is creating a new economy – Article
    1. Moving from technology to a digital business economy in stages  – Article
    2. The digital business economy: The pace of digital change moves to the core of business – Article
    3. The need for speed – How can we accelerate innovation and change? – Article
    4. What is the ROI of Customer Experience improvement and initiatives? – Article
  8. Digital business change focuses on the future and outcomes – Article
    1. Do connected devices “care”? – Article
  9. Digital change, digitization and essential elements
    1. The journey to a digital business and the scary issue of change – Article
    2. Discovering intent and setting priorities for the digital business journey – Article
    3. Is digitization the same as building a digital business? – Article 
    4. Digital business change — Silos, responsibility and skills – Article
  10. Digital change: getting strategic
    1. Creating the right strategy — Are we getting the right answers to the right questions? – Article
    2. Digital maturity benchmarks and digital business journey strategy – Article
    3. What are the first steps of a digital change strategy? – Article
  11. Digital business change and the customer experience – Article
    1. Customer Experience Maturity Model – Article
    2. Shaping the end-to-end customer experience – Article
    3. Customer experience: Can it be managed? – Article
      1. What about emotional connections and the customer experience? – Article
      2. What is the main point of building the digital business and the customer experience? – Article
    4. What is the gap in what the customer expects and what we deliver? – Article
    5. Why does the customer experience matter? Why is it at the top of the corporate agenda in almost every business? – Article
      1. Who is in charge of the customer experience?—Article
    6. Customer experience, ownership and leadership
      1. What involvement does the C-Suite have with customer experience initiatives? – Article
      2. What are the customer experience gaps? How can we close them to connect customer and business value? – Article
    7. Customer experience and customer journey mapping – An overview – Article – 9/18/2018
      1. What are customer journey maps and what can you do with them? What about design and emotion? – Article
      2. Customer journey mapping: Knowing and involving the customer – Article
    8. Why does optimizing the customer experience need to be a holistic and integrated must? – Article
    9. How do we get started on the customer experience change journey? – Article
      1. Why is customer experience important? – Article
      2. Why is our culture, processes and customer experience competencies important – Article
      3. There comes a moment where a potential customer makes a decision to engage – Article
      4. Three questions to think about when it comes to changing how we work with customers – Article
      5. The good, the bad and the ugly of customer service – Article
      6. Digital business journey and marketing – Article
    1. What is the difference between a lead, a prospect and an opportunity? – Article
    2. Millennials want to understand why they should do something – the overall objective, goal, or purpose. – Article
  12. The digital business journey and the hyper-connected consumers need for holistic optimization – Article
    1. The connected customer is the most disruptive for you – Article
  13. Digital change and the key role of data and information
    1. What is smart data? How can we make it actionable? – Article
    2. What should we do about information chaos? Is there a way to use information as an enabler of our digital journey? – Article
    3. Will a recommendation engine will enhance your unique selling proposition? It’s probably best to keep things simple. – Article
    4. Digital change and intelligent information
  14. Digital change across various industries
    1. Is customer experience just for the private sector? What about nonprofits? – Article
    2. Digital change in the retail industry
    3. Digital change in manufacturing
    4. Digital change in government and the public sector
    5. Digital change in the utilities industry
    6. Digital change in the insurance industry
    7. Digital change in healthcare
    8. Digital change in banking
    9. Digital change in the supply chain: logistics and transportation
    10. Digital change and business process outsourcing
  15. Digital change beyond technology: the human differentiator
    1. What about some fresh eyes looking at things? – Article 
    2. The digital business and anywhere workers — recognizing the value of sourcing quality workers from anywhere – Article
  16. Digital change and linear management thinking
  17. What is “digital transformation”? Is it just a buzzword? – Article
  18. The Journey to Mastering a Digital Business
    1. Digital Vision – Article
    2. Digital Mindset
    3. Digital Strategy
    4. Digital Culture
    5. Digital Capability
    6. Digital Innovation
    7. Digital Intelligence
    8. Digital Workforce
    9. Digital Maturity
    10. Digital Inflection
    11. Digital Mind Shift
    12. Digital Synchronization
    13. Digital Maturity