Will we provide new services quickly based on emerging customer needs?



What is the single most important digital business trend? I think it is fair to say we have entered the age of the customer.

Customers have amazing choices (and technology) at their fingertips. From a competitive point of view it can be disruptive. It can mean the difference between thriving economically or failing.

As digital executives, we must lead the way.

In an age where customers are so empowered by easy access to information, they are taking control of processes companies are used to controlling. Hard wired strategic plans are going out the window as we are forced to become more flexible and nimble.

So some things to think about:

  • Are we customer obsessed?
  • Can we master the customer data flow when existing data integration projects have failed?
  • Will we provide new services quickly based on emerging customer needs?
  • Is the “technology side” of our business ready to partner with business teams to remove complexity and create lean, nimble solutions?

Hard questions but our customers expect no less since they have so many choices.