Why is marketing integration critical to the digital experience at the contact center?


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We know we have silos. We know they are not useful. As leaders, we must insist the customer service (the contact center) and marketing align their functions.

As call center agents are on the front lines and make their living speaking to customers and prospects, they know first-hand which words and phrases resonate. Efficiency of interactions is critical for agents, and as such they are keenly aware of what works and what does not when trying to explain products and services over the phone. It is an art form, and experienced agents are masters at their crafts. We all know this.

So how do you integrate this talent within the corporate marketing functions? Start small, but think big. 

Begin with a complicated message and then help marketing simplify. Reps are uniquely qualified to breakdown complex concepts and deliver it in such a way that it is easily digestible. They know what works. Why? Well for one, they are often graded on Average Handle Time (AHT) and, whether you agree with the metric or not, is fodder for another time. The issue is reps know how to get it done and get it done quickly. For example, what slogan did Nike choose? “Just do it”; not “Have you thought about taking action to accomplish your goal?”

Make your marketing colleagues heroes. You can streamline their discovery process, tighten their deliverables and reduce reliance on untimely research processes like focus groups and brainstorming sessions, which are expensive as well.

The symbiotic contact center: Marketing – You talking to me? Shared by Mktg Optimization


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